2014 Survivor Tournament  
Entry Deadline: 10/30/2014 at 12:05:00 PM ET
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Scoring: Survivor Winner Pool Please fill out the pick sheet by making your ONE selections below.

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You MAY NOT pick the same team more than once
You are eliminated after 1 misses
Missed entries WILL count a miss

Home Away Your Pick (Make Only 1 Pick)
 Carolina (3-4-1)  New Orleans (3-4-0)
 Cleveland (4-3-0)  Tampa Bay (1-6-0)
 Dallas (6-2-0)  Arizona (6-1-0)
 Houston (4-4-0)  Philadelphia (5-2-0)
 Kansas City (4-3-0)  NY Jets (1-7-0)
 Cincinnati (4-2-1)  Jacksonville (1-7-0)
 Miami (4-3-0)  San Diego (5-3-0)
 Minnesota (3-5-0)  Washington (3-5-0)
 San Fran (4-3-0)  St. Louis (2-5-0)
 New England (6-2-0)  Denver (6-1-0)
 Seattle (4-3-0)  Oakland (0-7-0)
 Pittsburgh (5-3-0)  Baltimore (5-3-0)
 NY Giants (3-4-0)  Indianapolis (5-3-0)

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